Isn’t that just the way life is? You hear about fads and “the newest craze diet” but life goes on without you necessarily jumping on that wagon or even thinking twice about it. That is, until your life is directly affected in such a manner that these bites of information and key words that you dig up from the far reaches of your mind become ever so important.


Well, that’s what happened to me. I have this great friend that I’ve known since high school. We have joined each other on our lives’ various roller coasters through the years and she is close to my heart. A couple of months ago she was diagnosed with diabetes. Oh wow… Diabetes is not something that you can medicate so it can disappear or something that goes away in time… This is life changing. We needed to wrap our heads around how her life and the food and lifestyle choices she makes will forever affect her body to an extreme degree.


We tackled this process of “mind wrapping” together. I started gathering information for her and thankfully she was very open to what I eagerly handed over. We quickly became increasingly familiar with the term “healthy lifestyle” in its purest sense.


Now can I just say – I love the age that we are living in! The dark and gloomy feeling that we had felt trapped in quickly revealed its gorgeously thick silver lining! It actually is possible to enjoy a healthy lifestyle! A way of life that is achievable over the longest periods of time.


We have all tried the “lose those kg’s quickly” diets and over the years I have heard of shocking diets that friends and colleagues have followed. Some of these include lettuce and sugar water (as the ONLY food for two weeks!) and I distinctly remember a friend who went on the Orange diet where you can eat oranges whole, drink orange juice and that’s about it – but I remember how her skin and overall glow seemed to become a peculiar shade of orange. How scary to think about the damage that we do to our bodies..?


But just as excited as Edison must have been when that first globe glowed, so brightly it shone above my head with the truth – Low Carb Diet, people! Magic words! Sugar Free foods (oh I am looking forward to sharing all I have learned about this!)


Now it is so easy to Google these terms and you will probably be lucky enough to find some recipes that are actually delicious. But what especially excited me was an amazing find regarding desserts and sweets: Lekker Sweets. Finally there is a brand worth talking about that Santa would happily discard from the NAUGHTY, and place on the NICE list! After speaking to the director of the company, Mr Josef Coetzee, and gathering as much information as I could, I learned that these tasty and frankly harmless enchanting morsels are quite new to South Africa. Welcome you delightful angels!


So this brand advocates a healthy lifestyle without having to cut out what is arguably the best part of eating – desserts!


I am making it my mission to educate anybody that wants a healthier lifestyle, or that has diabetes or simply wants to make a positive change in their lives. Together we will learn and love what we learn.


I’ll blog back soon.

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