A few times a year a new massive diet craze engulfs us. Some of these crazes seem to be only that – a temporary craze. But some of them seem to at least hold enough truth to stick around for quite some time.

Variations on the Low Carb diets have always been popular. The most recent popular diet is the Paleo/Banting fads.

All of us know people who eagerly jumped on the Banting wagon if you will. Restaurant menus have been adapted to assist the specific Paleo/Banting requirements.

But what exactly is the difference between the Banting and the Paleo diets? And what do they stand for? Why did these diets seem to take over the world much like the Atkins diet did back in the day?

Banting refers to the diet formulated by William Banting, who was an obese Englishman. Thanks to Dr William Harvey, a physician, Banting learned about following an eating plan where you basically eliminate the refined, easy to absorb carbs from your diet. So to “bant” means no pasta, bread, potatoes or anything that has sugar on it. Not bad for a guy that lived in the 1800s. Why did this information disappear for so many years while we all scoffed down carbs without knowing its direct link to weight gain?

The Paleo diet has many similarities with the Banting structure. Paleo is essentially the science behind Banting, the evolution thereof. The Paleo diet says to not only concentrate on which foods you should not be eating, but to also place emphasis on which foods you do eat. Paleo stresses the importance of gaining nutrients through the eating plan. Paleo followers are also cautioned against grains and legumes, not only carbs. So it seems that the Paleo diet used the valuable information retrieved from the 200+ year old diet from Mr Banting and applied the science to what we now know to be true regarding health and our bodies.

The Paleo diet doesn’t distinguish itself as a low carb diet as such, rather stating that you should always eat the highest quality of food available, be it high protein, high fat or low carb. Realistically though many of the foods that Paleo gives the green light to are in fact low carb. Furthermore, Paleo warns against dairy, stating that milk is meant for babies that need to grow big and strong and not so much for full grown adults.

Both the Banting and Paleo eating structures are aimed at becoming a way of life, a true healthy lifestyle rather than a quick fix crash diet.

I truly believe that what you put inside your body determines how you feel. To choose foods that are good and nutritious for your body is ultimately the wise solution no matter from which angle you look at it.

I’ll blog back soon.

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