So let’s face it – these Lekker Sweets are revolutionary and we are super happy that it has made its arrival in South Africa. And what would be better than to speak to the man behind the scenes?

Josef Coetzee brought the sweets to South Africa. Lekker Sweets is made by an Australian company and after many years of searching for sweets to fit every waistline, Josef was delighted to finally happen upon these treats all the way from Down Under.

His search for these tasty diet treats is a personal one. It was a pleasure to hear his story and understand his quest. Josef is a pharmacist who has always specialised in weight loss. He is a pre-diabetic himself. Pre-diabetes is described as a condition where your blood glucose levels are higher than they should be, but not high enough for you to be classified as a full blown diabetic. When a person has pre-diabetes he is prone to obesity and heart problems if special care is not taken. It is generally accepted that pre-diabetics will develop type 2 diabetes within 10 years if the person does not follow a healthy lifestyle while incorporating exercise.

Josef has made it his mission to help himself and in doing so to help others overcome these odds. It is now 14 years later and he is happy, healthy and following a weight controlled lifestyle.

He established a weight loss program over 30 years ago. This weight loss program is currently one of the most successful in South Africa and together he and his team treat between 4000 and 5000 patients every month. The program’s success rate is over 94%. Safe to say he knows what he is talking about regarding healthy weight loss!

Through all these years he has been searching for something to satisfy his sweet tooth without breaking down all the hard work of following a healthy lifestyle. I mean, let’s be honest, anyone who has tried most of the diet friendly sweets out there knows that you very rarely find yourself reaching for a second one…

These Lekker Sweets are, as we South Africans like to say, really lekker. They are not bad for you and they do not hinder your weight loss progress or maintenance of your healthy body. They are made from healthy artificial sweeteners.

Josef explains that the problem with insulin resistance is the craving for sweets. Lekker Sweets allow for a normal life – everybody craves something sweet every once in a while and it is only fair that everybody has access to something delicious that will not be harmful to themselves. It is through experimentation, research and hard work that The Ultimate Lekker Low Carb Dessert Guide is available in e-format through the Lekker Sweets website. As I have said before, I think every household will shine brighter with this Dessert Guide available to them. It honestly allows for delicious treats without having to even think about it being a naughty bite.

I’ll blog back soon.

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