Need a sustainable, healthier lifestyle? Simply use this LOW CARB, SUGAR-FREE recipe we've put together... you will never feel the need to cheat again!

  • 0,5G CARBS PER PORTION - Enjoy a guilt free rusk with your morning coffee and keep your beach body in shape!
  • 7 EASY STEPS - Follow The Easy Step by Step Instructions To Fulfil That Craving in No Time...
  • 70 HAPPY MOMENTS - Get up to 70 portions out of this recipe, enough for the whole family (if you manage to share them)!
  • 'LEKKER' TASTE - Just because it is DIET food does not mean it should TASTE like diet food…
  • 20 MINUTES TO PREP - Which means only 20 minutes plus a few hours to dry out until you can enjoy your new favourite morning snack!
  • 11 FIBRE PACKED INGREDIENTS - Can it get any better?
  • PACKED WITH FRUIT AND NUTS - Boost your fruit and nut intake and your health while enjoying a delicious snack!

The secret of a sustainable diet without sugar lies in the taste of meals, food and snacks.Download it and use it... It works!

Josef Coetzee

Founder & Pharmacist