It was good to try to discover the hidden sugar behind some products that claim to be “sugar free”. And what a relief to find treats that truly are sugar free such as Lekker Sweets.

But there are some snakes in the dieter’s wheatgrass…

One of the sneakiest members on the sugary list is the fizzy soft drink. When choosing a fizzy drink to quench your thirst, you are actually opting for empty calories! These drinks are high in calories and do not provide you with any nutrients. Choosing a fizzy drink is choosing to miss out on important nutrients that could be obtained from other drinks such as vitamins from calcium from tea, milk, coffee or fruit juices (especially those you juice yourself with a blender/juicer. The pulp is great for you, by the way, so try not to discard that. Many store bought fruit juices are made up with large amounts of harmful sugar).

Naturally the diet fizzy drink options are far better for you.

However, new evidence suggests that even the diet fizzy drinks are not the bottled angels that we imagine them to be. How terrible to want to focus on losing weight so you are doing everything according to the (meal plan) book – only to trip on the choice of drinks even though you were trying to make the right choice!

Let us explore why diet sodas are naughty little critters.

The whole point of sugar substitutes which make a diet drink diet is that they give you the same sweet taste with none of the calories so that you can lose weight and be healthy. But this idea has been found to be incredibly misleading.

According to recent studies, people who drank diet soda every day had a much larger waist circumference than people who did not drink them. Over the period of ten years, the diet soda drinkers added around 8cm to their waist! Every year their waists grew by over 2cm! That is insane! The non-soda drinkers added only around 0.7cm to their waistlines in the same time frame. To make matters worse, a larger waist circumference has been linked directly to serious health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure!

Another study found that daily consumption of diet soft drinks increases a person’s risk of suffering a stroke!

Yet another study revealed that people who drank diet soda or fluids with artificial sweetener, developed signs of glucose intolerance. This was said to be due to their gut bacteria and how that was directly affected by those artificial sweeteners. Doing that same research on a group of healthy individuals, their gut bacteria were also measured. The shocking find was that after only a single week of consuming artificial sweeteners, those individuals already started to show signs of glucose intolerance! Their gut bacteria had also been changed.

Scary stuff.

When a person wants to shed some kg’s or go on a diet, it has become a natural choice to go for a diet drink, flavoured water or something we believe to be healthy. How surprising to consider that choosing those specific drinks may not only have hampered your weight loss, but may actually have contributed to weight gain!

I’ll blog back soon.

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