Two days ago I hosted a surprise birthday party for a close friend of mine. It was simply lovely. We had all the trimmings you would expect to see at a birthday party – balloons, presents, décor and cake, of course.

But this time I made a cake like I never had before. This time I made a cake that my other friend who has been diagnosed with diabetes, could happily indulge in. This time I went to my favourite resource in my ongoing hunt for a low carb lifestyle – The Ultimate Lekker Low Carb Dessert Guide.

But this cake was not what you would expect from a so-called diet cake. Nor do any of the other recipes seem to be, either.

Firstly, it actually looked delicious. It looked naughty – like one of those delectable cakes you see in the shop fridge window but you immediately envision that delightful-looking slice of cake quickly making its way to your derrière

It was easy to make too. This is always a bonus. The recipe was easy to understand and to follow. I don’t know if it has happened to everyone or if this is just me, but I have had a few somewhat unpleasant experiences of trying recipes only to have my end result turn out looking like the mutated cousin of what they portrayed in their photo. So this was a positive experience.

The recipe book had a number of cake options to choose from, ranging from a carrot cake to a chocolate swiss roll. I opted for the Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Sauce – and in my mind I noted that out of that sentence the only word that would normally be in a dieter or diabetic’s vocab is “with”…

It was a hit. The guests loved it. When I eventually told them that this was in fact a low carb treat, I actually had to show one friend the recipe book as she would simply not believe it. My diabetic friend was, needless to say, ecstatic. Obviously I whispered to her that the cake was especially made for her culinary needs before handing her a slice and it was such a pleasure to see her happily spoil herself with this treat.

The proof is in the pudding as they say. I was delighted and I look forward to making all the delicious treats in the recipe book. Would you believe that this yummy chocolate cake worked out to be only 6g of carbs per portion?

At the end of the party I happily made everyone’s coffee and tea. I had some sweets to try that are available for purchase from the Lekker Sweet website. These were offered with the coffee. The Kopiko sweets went down a treat. These are coffee sweets. Everyone enjoyed them. I also bought SlimFruits and I have had a positive response to them as well.

What a pleasure.

I’ll blog back soon.

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