So as I said previously, I have quickly learned a few things about Diabetes. It’s a condition that everyone’s heard of but after my research I am throwing all the facts and info together for what I hope to be an easily understandable read. Hopefully there’s something new to learn to help you or someone you know with Diabetes.


One of the scariest things I quickly learned is that many people with type 2 diabetes (I’ll get to the explanations soon) are not even diagnosed so they are unaware that they have it! How frightening is that?


If you break down all the medical terms and explanations that make it all difficult to grasp, diabetes is basically when your body can’t store and use its own petrol (glucose) properly to create energy. What your body needs to have in order to enjoy the natural fuel efficiency of glucose is insulin. So diabetes is described as a metabolic disease. Glucose is taken to your whole body via your blood. And insulin controls the amount of glucose in the blood (called blood glucose) by allowing the glucose to be removed from the blood for the body cells and liver, or to be stored in the fat cells. So if you do not have insulin, or at least not enough of it, the glucose stays put in your blood and that is how the damaging health problems take hold.


So there are fundamentally 3 types of diabetes. There’s Type 1 where the body stops producing its own insulin. This means that insulin has to be injected to survive and this type is mostly diagnosed in people under 30, including children. Type 2 is what about 85-90% of people with diabetes have. Type 2 refers to when the pancreas does not work properly or does not produce enough insulin for the body to function properly. The general consensus is that Type 2 diabetes happens mostly to people over the age of 40, that these people tend to be overweight and they do not exercise. Type 3 is gestational diabetes – this one is temporary and could happen during pregnancy. Unfortunately then both Mom and Baby have improved odds of getting diabetes later on.


As I told you, my friend was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. She is just shy of 40 and I know she’ll understand if I explain that she is a tad on the heavier side. So basically she falls right into the category.


And she has always been idle in her attempts at exercising. Over the years she has had very little interest or even belief in her own abilities to attempt to shed those unwanted kg’s. Thinking back I can visualise the pattern of trying to lose weight through exercise and not losing what her friends do (could be due to insulin even at that time already perhaps?) so giving up and falling deeper into the despair that always goes hand in hand with being overweight.


So who would have guessed that Diabetes would be the trigger to get her to exercise? She was scared to say the least, but focussing on allocating 30 minutes of exercising every day made all the difference. I am delighted to share the link. It will direct you to that fabulous Lekker Sweets website I spoke about last time. The exercise ideas found on this site just made all the difference. She is doing just swimmingly (or slimmingly…)


I’ll blog back soon.

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